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Introducing MaxiCrypto Recovery Unit (MCRU) and Special Operations Cyber Crime Unit (SOCCU), crucial initiatives in combating the rising tide of cybercrime plaguing South Africa. With over 200 Billion Rand lost annually to scams like “crypto rug-pulls” and ransomware, urgent action is imperative. MCRU, comprising a specialized team of 8, aims to confiscate illegally obtained crypto funds through asset forfeiture, potentially recovering over R40 Billion annually for the government, all at no cost to taxpayers. With government support, MCRU and SOCCU will spearhead the defense of South Africa’s digital economy.

About MaxiCrypto Recovery Unit

In response to escalating cyber threats endangering South Africa’s digital economy, the Maximum Group proposes the formation of the Maxi Crypto Recovery Unit (MCRU). With annual losses exceeding 200 billion Rand due to crypto scams like “rug-pull” schemes and ransomware attacks, urgent action is imperative. 

Working in tandem with the Special Operations Cyber Crime Unit (SOCCU), MCRU will operate under strict government protocols with an initial team of 8 members. Their primary objective: to confiscate illegally obtained crypto funds through asset forfeiture, potentially recovering billions annually for the government. This initiative represents a pivotal step in safeguarding South Africa’s digital assets and citizens from the perils of cybercrime.


Asset Security

MaxiCrypto Recovery offers specialized security solutions to recover and safeguard valuable assets effectively.

Asset Forfeiture

Globally, covert intelligence agencies like the FBI and CIA have effectively seized billions in cryptocurrencies through asset forfeiture, funding operations to combat cybercrime. This strategy ensures financial sustainability, bringing over R80 billion to the SA Government.


Investigate, trace, and recover illicit digital assets and cryptocurrencies, including "rug-pull" and ransomware funds. Halt illicit financial transactions, dismantle cybercriminal networks, and swiftly restore hacked entities to full operational status, mitigating ransomware attacks.


Recent data reveals a surge in illicit funds flowing through cryptocurrencies, particularly in Africa. The anonymity and decentralization of these assets attract cybercriminals for money laundering. Reports indicate billions laundered in Africa alone, endangering financial stability and security.


Deliver intelligence and evidence aiding law enforcement in prosecuting cybercrimes and disrupting criminal operations. Innovate technologies to counter emerging cyber threats, safeguard South Africa's digital economy. Execute clandestine operations to neutralize threats, uphold national security, and dismantle cybercriminal networks through asset forfeiture.


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