Where Security Meets Innovation

MaxiCyber, a part of Maximum Group, employs patented technology of incremental AI self-learning capabilities to secure critical services for government, security agencies, financial, IT, and industrial sectors. Our platform neutralizes even new and unknown threats, including Zero-Day attacks.

Empowering a Secure Digital Future

We believe in security as the foundation of progress in our interconnected world. Platform proved its capabilities with over 15 years of operation with strong references.

Zero-Day Detection

Pioneering the proactive identification of novel, undisclosed Zero-Day threats and targeted attacks

Cloning for Insight

Create and engage the clones for external assaults to accumulate knowledge and insights.

Rapid Detection

Achieve Real-Time Correlation with tokenization: delivering advanced sub-10ms detection.

Threat Analysis

Employ a Crowd Intelligence System, aggregating approximately 140,000 attacks daily.

Attack Analysis Automation

Discern, comprehend, and rank attacks, coupled with automated measures to neutralize threats - human/machine/AI/known hacker groups/etc).

Creating a Safer Digital Universe

MaxiCyber Pioneers the proactive identification of novel, undisclosed Zero-Day threats and targeted attacks.

Our Commitment to Cybersecurity Excellence

At MaxiCyber, we believe that security forms the foundation for progress in our interconnected world. Our mission is to ensure that your digital assets remain safeguarded against an ever-evolving cyber landscape, providing peace of mind and continuity in an increasingly digital future.”

Did You Know?

The average cost of a single ransomware attack is $1.85 million.

Did You Know?

Cybercrime will cost companies worldwide an estimated $10.5 trillion annually by 2025, up from $3 trillion in 2015.

Leading the Way in Cybersecurity Innovation

MaxiCyber is your trusted partner in cutting-edge cybersecurity. We lead the way with innovative solutions, including the creation of cyber replicas for government and corporate systems, advanced real-time threat detection, and a robust Crowd Intelligence System. Our AI-driven capabilities discern and neutralize attacks, while our pioneering approach identifies undisclosed Zero-Day threats. With a commitment to self-learning and continuous improvement, we provide a critical line of defense against the most advanced and unpredictable cyber threats. Choose MaxiCyber for peace of mind in an ever-evolving digital world.

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