About Us

At MaxiCyber, we are dedicated to safeguarding your digital world with cutting-edge cybersecurity expertise.

Advancing Cybersecurity with AI

MaxiCyber, a division of Maximum Group, leverages cutting-edge technology with patented incremental AI self-learning capabilities to fortify the security of vital services in government, security agencies, finance, IT, and industrial sectors. Our platform excels at neutralizing emerging and unknown threats, including Zero-Day attacks, with a track record spanning over 15 years and robust references. 

At MaxiCyber, we believe that security forms the foundation for progress in our interconnected world. Our mission is to ensure that your digital assets remain safeguarded against an ever-evolving cyber landscape, providing peace of mind and continuity in an increasingly digital future.”

Unleashing Next-Gen Cybersecurity

  • Replica Generation: Employ Go language to replicate government and corporate systems, compatible with IoT & ICS CPUs.
  • Knowledge-Accumulating Clones: Create clones for external assaults, gathering insights.
  • Real-Time Correlation: Achieve sub-10ms detection with tokenization.
  • Crowd Intelligence: Aggregate 140,000 daily attacks for insights.
  • Comprehensive Attack Defense: Discern, rank, and neutralize threats from various sources.
  • Zero-Day Pioneers: Proactively identify undisclosed Zero-Day threats tailored to your needs.
  • Self-Learning Security: Continuously improve and adapt our system.
  • Zero-Day Threat Mitigation: Ensure robust protection against emerging threats.

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